Main Event


Single-Elimination with Progressive Consolation and Progressive Last Chance. If you lose your first match, you can BuyBack for ½ price, and keep your Side Pool entry. Multiple BuyBacks allowed, up until 3:00pm Saturday.

Entry fees:

Division Reg. Fee Entry Fee Side Pool #1 Side Pool #2 BuyBack Clocks
Championship $50 $500 $200 $200 $250 Required
Advanced $25 $200 $100 n/a $100 Preferred


Main Event is 90% payout, Side Pools are 95% payout. There will be a minimum of $6,000 USD ADDED money ($5,000 in Championship and $1,000 in Advanced). Each division will pay at least 4 places, depending on number of entries. Advanced Division is limited to players not considered to be strong Championship level.


Play begins Saturday at 11:00am. BuyBacks & late entries up to 3:00pm. If you win your original entry OR a BuyBack you will be in the Main draw Saturday evening. If you do not win a match, you will be in the Consolation draw. If you lose in the Main bracket, you go to the Consolation bracket. If you lose there, you will be in the Last Chance bracket.


Side Events

Event Entry Side Pool Match Length Format
Doubles $200 $100 7 Single-elimination, Clocks Required
Masters Jackpot $500 $200 13 Single-elimination, Clocks Required
Limited Jackpot $200 $100 11 Single-elimination, Clocks Preferred
Speedgammon $50 5 Single-elimination, continuous entries/reentries, Clocks Required
Bazooki $50 3 Single-elimination, Clocks Optional, Call your roll once per match!